Forever Cameron "Saving Our Youth"

We're Transforming Inner City, At-Risk Youth from the Inside Out!

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We're Transforming Inner City, At-Risk Youth from the Inside Out!

Our Youth need our Love and Support, now more than ever!

My name is Tiffany Smith and Cameron was my baby boy. On Saturday night I experienced a mother's worst nightmare, which was a call stating that my son had been shot and I needed to go to the hospital immediately.

Not to mention this shooting was all over the news (Atlantic Station Shooting) and they had already reported that one child was already deceased.Upon arriving to the hospital is when I got the devastating news that my child had suffered an inoperable gun shot wound to the head and 4 days later my son passed due to his injury.

As I stated above, this experience has been my worst nightmare and I'm stillin shock but I trust and believe that this isn't just about me or Cameron. I truly believe that there is/was a greater calling on my child's life and unfortunately this is how it's unfolding.

My son was a boxer and we invested 6 years into developing and training him to be a professional boxer. Cameron worked with several coaches & trainers with one intentionwhich was to send him to the Olympics in 2024 with one of his Boxing Coach's Zahir Raheem who went to the Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta. This experience has shaken my core and I'm committed that not another mother has to go through the experience of my current reality.

In the spirit of my son,

  • I'm fighting to end senseless gun violence for young people all over the world, not just Atlanta.
  • I'm fighting for young to peopleto know that they matter and that they are loved.
  • I'm fighting for Mom's to have the resources & support they need and to know they are not alone in raising their kids.

Our Mission:

To transform our youth from the inside out through transformational programs that focus on self-identity, mental, emotional and physical training and development.

Our Key Principles


C. Courage

A. Acceptance & Accountability

M. Mental Mastery

E. Emotional Mastery

R. Respect & Responsibility

O. Openness

N. Never Give Up

Our Vision

To create a world, a city, a community where young people are connected to who they are, their future and their contribution to society and that they have an experience of being loved, supported and SAFE.

Our 1st Initiative/Program

2 day Transformational Youth At-Risk Boot-Camp

The Transformational Boot Camp is a Tough-Love Cocoon where we facilitate the process of total acceptance. Our Boot Camps use mental games, fitness & Boxing drills, competitions, skits and experiential activities to help them discover who they are and what they want out of life. Ultimately, the Transformational Boot Camp is a Life Changing Experience.

Where we provide the space for at-risk youth to experience there Authentic Self!

The Ultimate goal in life is to “Know Thyself” which leads to the ultimate goals of this program.

Participants will

  • Gain Clarity, Insight, Perspective and Understanding of Self through Self-knowledge.
  • Learn Interpersonal and Emotional management and support skills
  • Learn how Mindfulness can reduce stress and improve focus & performance.
  • Explore how shame may be blocking them from giving and receiving love.

Participants will leave with the ability

  • to identify their unique gifts and talents
  • to identify their mental, physical & emotional strengths and weakness
  • to apply skills learned to daily life challenges for successful conflict resolution
  • leave with a strong sense of self which will ultimately lead them in the direction of finding their purpose


Date: We are expecting to host our 1st boot-camp in February 2023.

Duration: Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Age: 13-17 Years old